Tour Fine News

Yes, we are back from the tour and if you weren’t on it then I am sure that you will hear some of the stories at some time! Wrong biases, walking into revolving doors the wrong way, a cowboy walking around Eastbourne late at night and many others.

We decided that the money raised from the fines would go to the Alzheimer’s Society Charity. We raised £200.28, which was a fantastic contribution, and that was without Jackie New! The rumour is that Graham contributed over half of that on his own! Well done to Fred Sly for chasing after us with the box.

However, the President of Leigh Park BC, who hosted us yesterday, always makes his members pay a £1 fine if they are more than 2 metres from the jack at touring games. Goodness knows how much we would have collected in the four games if Fred made us do that!

I am sure that Fred would accept any more contributions before he pays it in.

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