Thank You From Graham

Good Morning,

         Just a short message to say a big THANK YOU for making our Presentation Evening such a great success.

          I have thanked Keiron for the use of the Community Club as well as John and his staff for the meal.

          I thought the tables looked lovely, the service was quick and the food was delicious. I have had lots of positive feedback and let’s see if we can increase our numbers even more next year.

          I’d like to thank Brian Knowles, Steve Lewis and Rob Poynter for helping me set the room up on Friday afternoon. A big thank you to Steve and Jacqui Morris for organising the raffle and taking photos of the winners.

          A big thank you once again for your kind donations for the raffle, which made an amazing profit of £150!!

         My apologies to Sharon Hartill and Jacqui Morris AGAIN for accepting two of my trophies!! They didn’t take them home with them, and I have ordered THEIR trophies!

          We are a very friendly, sociable Club and long may this continue. We are planning other social events, and we are hoping to have a Race Night early next year. If any members have any ideas for social events to raise money for our Club, please let me know.

          If I’ve forgotten to thank anyone else, I’m sorry. If I can forget to order two trophies there is a good chance I have!

          Finally if anyone gets any good jokes in their crackers this Christmas, please save them for me.

                                             Take care and HAPPY BOWLING!                                                                 Graham

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