Race Night – The Result!!!!

Good afternoon,

I hope you are all warm, dry and safe on yet another stormy day!!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Race Night yesterday.

A few important THANK YOUS ….

To Cowes Community Club for the use of their facilities.

To John for opening up the kitchen. The cheeseburger and chips was lovely jubbly!!

To Chris Pryce for the use the Probus Club’s projector.

To Robbie for helping us set up the equipment

To Phil Smith for purchasing the wine that was given out to all those who “bought” a horse in our auction race.

To Greg and Steve for running the whole evening. This took a lot of organising!!  WELL DONE!!

To Greg’s daughter Lynne and granddaughter Zara, for taking our money and handing out the WINNINGS!!

We had a record attendance of over 50 people! It was a fun evening, everyone seemed to have a good time and some people won!!

I am delighted to announce that after expenses of £35, we made an overall profit of £402 !!! This money will be spent on our Club. 

If you were unable to join us last night, we will make this an annual event, so come along and join us next February 2021!!


Thank you once again, and I look forward to seeing you bowling outdoors when the weather improves!!


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