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Good Afternoon,

I hope you are all well and preparing for another 3 weeks of gardening, watching westerns and old war films, playing games on your I-pad, talking to your other half, (my wife has just told me her job at Woolworths has ended!!), reading, painting , planning what to have for tea, phoning your friends, receiving and sending funny/rude jokes and taking up new hobbies!!!!

WHEN this is all over, I wonder how many of us will have new hobbies??

I’m thinking about taking up bowls ??? Yes, right, who was the first to say “You’ve never played before!!!” My money is on Merv! or Pie? or John Hall??

I expect a lot of you have got into quite a routine by now.  I can’t believe it’s so difficult to stay at home and do what you want!!

Anyway, please find an attached list of plants that I have potted up, and will be ready for collection in about 2 weeks. If you would like any, please phone me on 293867 or 07890265946, text me or e-mail me with your order. All the money goes to Sylvia’s SMILE CHARITY. WE can sort the payment out later. Obviously online payment would be easier, but I will accept cash as long as you have put it through the washing machine!!

When they are ready I’ll let you know, so your phone number would be handy!! I’ll leave the pots on my drive, labelling your pots. You’ll need a box or tray to put them in.


Please if possible can I have them back one day. I’ve potted up over 200 plants!!

Any other news?

I hope you are all well and keeping busy. We seem to watch a film every other evening, Last week we watched “One Man two Guvnors” on Netflix and also “Kon Tikt”. The National Theatre at Home is showing one production a week, and this week it’s Treasure Island. It’s free and well worth a look. 

Can you recommend any films or boxsets? 


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