Newsletter 26-04-20

Good Afternoon,

And we are still at home!! And sadly, I think we will be for a little while longer!

I hope everyone is well and keeping busy. I’ll never spend so much time in my garden again, unless we are still here next year!! We are waiting for a weed to come up and we pounce!!!

Our usual huge thanks to all those who are making their way down to our green and doing such a tremendous job!! I’m off for a walk later so I’ll be able to see for myself!! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU !!!

Sylvia continues to walk, skip and hula hoop every morning, and has raised £380 for the Hospice so far. She walks in memory of Fred Blackwell’s daughter Mez, as she has done for several years. Thank you to those who have donated to this amazing charity. If you would like to see how Sylvia is progressing, click on this link :


I have potted up over 200 plants and I am delighted to say I’ve got orders for over 100! They are still in the greenhouse, but can be collected from Monday onwards. They are 50p each and all the money is going to SMILE, a charity we have been supporting for 10 years.

The plants have not been hardened off yet, but if you have a greenhouse or conservatory, you can put them there for a few more days. I normally plant mine out from the middle of May. It’s the frost we have to be wary of!

Like most plants, particularly cucumbers, courgettes and squash plants, we have an ENEMY in SLUGS !! I hope you have some slug pellets.

What I am suggesting is that you please phone me, (07890265946) and let me know when you would like to collect them. Please give me an hour to sort them out, label them and put them on the drive for you. I do not have any spare trays or boxes, so you will need to bring something to put the pots in. I am happy for you to put money in a tin that I will leave out for you. If you would sooner pay online, when you phone I’ll give you my bank details.

The plants look very healthy, but I do sing to them and tell them the occasional joke!! Seriously though, if you have any mishaps I can try to replace them!!

The cherry tomatoes sold instantly, but for your information I do have the following plants left …

Moneymaker …..38, Alicante …..32, Apricot Dream ….. 3, Zlatava …..11 and Yellow Perfection …..15

Zucchini …..1, Romanesco …..4, Sunstripe …..5 and Squash …..2

Peppers and chillis will be another few weeks.

If you have any space in your beautiful garden, all you need is a few feet of soil, a few canes and you will be surprised how easy it is to grow tomatoes !!


Wow! Sorry that seemed long winded!!

Any news? Gossip?

Tony Downs is chasing us for our indoor bowls entries for this winter. I will chase up my teams soon. Wouldn’t it be great if we could play this winter??? Wouldn’t it be great if Steve could buy me, Robbie and Pie a beer!!!! I can’t wait to buy the boys a beer!!!

Any recommendations for T.V. or films??  I don’t seem to watch anything except EMMERDALE!!!! We take in turns choosing films. Sylv chose Stan and Ollie last night and fell asleep at 9.15 !!! Must be my company??

Not much alcohol, just a bar of chocolate each night, I had a tube of smarties last night. Robbie is into kit-kats!! Think we are having a cream tea this Sunday for a treat …. think Robbie is calling around to collect a scone or two!!!

Stay safe

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