Newsletter 16-05-20

Good Morning,

Well it’s morning at the moment … might be the afternoon before I get it finished!!!

How are we all?  Strange, because I suspect small groups of all of us are keeping in contact with close friends, whereas no one knows how we all are!!

It’s still the same isn’t it ?  What else can you do all day ? Gardening is great if you are fortunate enough to have a garden, and if you are able/interested enough to spend 9 weeks in it!!

I’ve just taken down a dead tree! I love using a chainsaw!! I feel confident and safe, I don’t take risks and it was going so well until Sylv arrives!!! Then she panics, tells me to be careful, not to do that, “Here put these goggles on”, Ooooh!! Then I’m a bloody nervous wreck, too scared to cut my finger nails with a pair of scissors!!!!

Anyway, it’s done!! I had a  tremendous fire last Thursday night! Did anyone see the flames!! My poor tomato plants had a bit of a roasting, and the greenhouse glass warmed up a bit!!! I was sitting on my bench, like a Cornish Pixie, watching the fire and enjoying a can of magners!  It was gone 10.00 pm and not one fox or badger appeared!! I’m going to have one last fire tonight so go out into your gardens at 10.00 and look for the sky being lit up!! Those garden incinerators are good aren’t they!!!

FINAL mention I promise, BUT a big THANK YOU TO ALL who kindly donated. Sylvia raised £865 for the Hospice, and I raised £249.20 for SMILE by selling plants!! Isn’t that fantastic!!

I hope your plants are growing well. I put most of my tomatoes out last weekend!!! Think I got away with it!! The last few, plus courgettes and squash plants, are going in today!

PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are passing could you drop those beautiful square pots back to me. I’d normally invite you in for a coffee but this year …..


I wonder when we will get down to our bowling green again?

The Committee are meeting to discuss what could/should happen!!  A good job my hair is growing back, as we are planning one of those ZOOM evenings!!! Must iron a shirt!!! That’s something I’ve not done for 8 weeks!! Sylvia has a zoom ukulele meeting twice a week!! No matter how many doors I close, “Oh When the Saints” still seems to squeeze in under the bloody door!

Should be most helpful for planning the way forward, and probably entertaining!!!


I’m going to watch FOOTBALL on TV this afternoon …. B Dortmund  v  Schalke !!   KOMM SCHON WOLFE !!!

(That means, “Come on Wolves!!”)

I’ve given up with TV!  Enjoy The A Word on Tuesday evenings, EMMERDALE is everyones’ favourite, and Would I Lie to You is always worth a watch And of course, Gardeners World.

Has anyone had any good Take-aways?  Last night we had our first one. Really good food from NOVO in Newport. Free delivery if you spend £25. PHONE NUMBER: 641489. Look at the menu on their website. Any other suggestions? 

Stay safe


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