Message from President Alan

Hi All

Hope you are all well and able to get out in this lovely sunshine!!!!!

Our president, Alan Mabey, has asked me to send out the message below to everybody about the use of the clubhouse:

“Although there has been further guidance issued by Bowls England, it is still the committee’s decision that members should not use our clubhouse, except in an emergency to obtain the first aid box or defibrillator or to use the toilet. However, if the toilet is used, then people should use the wipes provided (in the tub outside the toilets) to wipe down anything that is touched. Paper towels are also provided for you to dry your hands. Members should not leave any equipment or bags inside the clubhouse.

Also, please remember to take away any rubbish, e.g. cans, water bottles, at the end of your session so that others do not have to pick them up and therefore risk the chance of the virus being passed on.

I appreciate that this does cause some inconvenience to players, but we are trying our best to keep everyone as safe as possible. We will be having a further committee meeting early in August to talk about this matter again but, if you wish to discuss this further with me, please contact me on 07919 520237.”



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