Message From Brian

Hi Folks

Hope you are all well and keeping safe, I imagine that many of us will have had our first vaccination by now.

Firstly, the result of the monthly raffle draw, which took place on Graham’s driveway once again. The lucky winner, who gets the £50, is number 20, which belongs to Pat Marshall. Graham will arrange for the money to get to Pat as soon as possible. If you want to blame someone then have a go at Rob Poynter who did the draw.

We have still not received any official word from Bowls England, other than their previous edict about bowls being able to be played outdoors from 29 March. Alan Mabey and Hazel Hall, as respective Bowls IOW league secretaries, have been working extremely hard to organise fixtures in preparation for the start of the season. There are still a few changes to be made to the original set of fixtures, which are having to be altered so that we only have one game on the green at any one time during May and June, just in case. I hope to send off our fixtures for printing very soon, once I am sure that all the changes have been made.

However, it is clear that we will have leagues going ahead from the beginning of May and we are planning to have an Open Day in the middle of April but, until we receive the exact rules and regulations from BE, we are left ‘in limbo’. It is frustrating for all of us, especially as we cannot hold any committee meetings or club meetings at the moment to pass on details of all the organisation of things, such as use of changing rooms, refreshments, social-distancing, etc.

There has been quite a lot of work done on the green and the surrounds over the past few months, thanks to those members who have been coming down regularly to help out. Due to the erosion of the edge of the path around the green, which has made it a ‘trip-hazard’, we have dug up the edges of two sides of the tarmac and replaced it with concrete but we still have two sides to do, most probably after this season has finished as a lack of time (and money) is against us. We received a quote from Crown Park for just under £20,000 to dig up all the old tarmac and replace it but we don’t have that kind of money. And now, one of the steps in the corner has rotted away and needs replacing too.

In addition, there has been a new south gate erected (we have nicknamed it ‘Gareth’) to replace the old battered one next to the shed by the picnic area. We hope to recover the roof on the front shed but we need two or three dry days to do this – let’s hope next week will be dry, but we might not have a shed left to work on after the gale-force winds at the moment! The compost heap has been cleared at the back and the roses have lots of buds on them, ready to flower in the summer. Although we have been cutting the green regularly, all the other grass areas have started growing again so we have been cutting all of that too.

Andy Butler has started his spring work also. He has put down some moss-killer on the green last week and next week he will return to core-aerate and inject air, scarify, cut and over-seed the green. It will then be an issue to keep off the pigeons, who love to eat the seed, as well as the crows who are doing their part in aerating the green! This morning the pigeons were all queueing up ready – they must have heard us talking about seeding!

Finally, we have been asked to host the Cowes Week Competition on our green, should it go ahead, in the first week in August. Is there anyone who would be willing to go on that committee to help out? This is totally separate from our club committee but already has a couple of our members on there already. Obviously, we will need to know how many want to enter the competitions. Let me know if you are interested.

Best wishes


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