Message From Alan Mabey

Dear Members,

It will not be long now when we can get back to playing the game we all love. It has been a very frustrating time and we are still awaiting instructions from Bowls England as to what format the League Matches are to be played and any other conditions we will will have to abide by. However, one restriction we will have until at least 21st June, that being there can be no more than 30 persons on the Club Site at any one time, hence only one League Match will be played on the green at a time. The programme for this has been issued to all Clubs. The Committee will issue rules regarding the use of our Clubs premises before the start of the new Season (10th April).

The Club are going on their Annual Tour in September (17th – 20th) to Bournemouth. We will be playing three games in the Bournemouth area and at Lymington on the way home. The cost is between £275 and £285 per person, depending on the numbers. This covers three nights Bed/Breakfast, Evening Meal and the bowling. Anyone who was either unaware of the Tour or have not made up their mind, and would like to go, please contact me by June 17th. A minimum deposit of £25.00 would be required.

Let us go ahead, keeping a positive attitude and make the Season enjoyable. You will be kept informed of any information from Governing Authorities.

There has been a lot of maintenance work going on through the Winter Months by Club Members, for which I thank them on behalf of the Membership.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, stay safe.

Alan Mabey

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