Morning Everyone

Just a bit of news for you all. The league season started yesterday for the men’s A & B teams but, unfortunately, not with the results we wanted. The A team lost 8 – 2 at Plessey but it was a very close game in the end, as it all went down to the last shot, losing by just one shot. The B team also lost 8 -2 at home to Ventnor A, which was also a close game. David Harris’s experience led his new boys, Craig & David Dawson & with Graham to a wonderful 21 – 15 win on their rink. It was just typical that the heavens opened and the teams got soaked, but it wasn’t as bad as Newchurch which had a layer of snow and hail – see the photo on the County Press website!

However, two players, one from each team, bowled a ‘wrong-bias’ – their names remain a secret but one of them can be seen down the green every day! Perhaps we should follow other clubs’ example and give a fine for each one, with the money going to charity at the end of the season?

Many of the A team returned to our own green after the game to console each other by having a drink together, although Gus stated that he was going home for a hot drink as he didn’t think he could feel the ring-pull on a beer can with his hands being so cold! This almost ended in laughter too, because Graham went to the toilet and found himself locked in the clubhouse. It could have been a disaster as he was ready to drink everything left in the fridge – without paying for it! Fortunately for us he was able to phone to let us get him out, although one or two suggested that we should just leave him there.

There are more games this week: on Tuesday afternoon the men’s D & E teams are playing, then on Friday afternoon, the ladies’ A & B teams are playing each other, before the A team play the next morning against Shanklin E (a). On Saturday afternoon, the men’s A team play Bembridge A at home. Good luck to everyone.

Finally, don’t forget that, if you are going for a roll-up from now on, you have to still sign in and you are responsible for putting all the equipment out and back after sanitising it before locking everything up.

Best wishes


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