Newsletter – 2

Hi All

Here is the latest news from the club, w/b 3 May. Both of the men’s afternoon league teams started their season on Tuesday, with the D team securing a comfortable 8 – 2 win against a very strong Plessey F (a). Well done Pat and your team. Brian Blenkinsop’s E team were at home against Ryde E and also won 8 – 2, although they were hard-pressed in a close game throughout.

The Ladies also started the season with a home match between A & B on Friday, and the A won 6 points, but the B team put up a great fight, and lost by a small margin! Yesterday, the A team played away to Shanklin E and came away with another 6 points, well done to our ladies. The high winds at Shanklin sometimes took them off their feet, but they held their nerve. Sharon’s rink won 28-15 and Hazel’s won 20-11.

Yesterday, the Men’s A Team were at home to Bembridge A and won 6 – 4. As with the Ladies in the morning, the conditions were very difficult due to the high winds (and we can’t blame Jackie as she wasn’t there!). No two deliveries were the same, even if we put them on the same line because the wind would be gusting one minute then drop off the next. A few drinks were consumed again afterwards and it was the quickest that Graham had ever used the toilet because he didn’t want to get locked in again like last week!

Yesterday Afternoon the Men’s B Team played against Shanklin B (a) without two of their experienced players but Pat Barsdell stepped up from the C team to help out. However, they won 8 – 2, by 8 shots, in a fantastic team performance, and it was very nearly a 10 – 0 win! This now puts them above the A Team in the League, and gives them the confidence to go into the next round of games. Well done, guys, and well deserving of the celebration by some of the players at the Woodvale – I’m sure that Pie will be buying all the drinks!

There are a large number of league games this coming week, so don’t forget to look at your fixture booklet before organising a roll-up. The men’s county competitions begin tomorrow as well, with three exciting Pairs games against strong opponents on our green at 6pm. 

Finally, there are only a few places left for our club tour to Bournemouth from Fri 17 to Monday 20 September, with four games against Boscombe Cliff BC, Argyll BC, Bournemouth BC then Lymington BC on the return journey. Please contact Alan Mabey for more details.

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