Newsletter – 4

Hi All

News from the week beginning 23 May. I am sure that you have all read every inch of the minutes of this week’s committee meeting but, just in case you have forgotten, a reminder that we have started to serve teas and coffees again during games. However, we need people to help out at times. Captains have been advised to contact teams who aren’t playing if they need help – please do what you can and offer your services.

All the Men’s League games took place on Friday and yesterday (Sat) on lovely, hot days. It was so nice to play without having to wear four or five tops during the game and, of course, many of the players in the home games had to rehydrate afterwards, using the ‘fridge refreshments’! In fact, during the afternoon game Rog Payne couldn’t find any bottles of water so just had to drink cans of Guiness.

The Men’s E team hosted Newport D on Friday afternoon but were beaten 8 – 2. However, it was pleasing to see progress being made by the new players in the team especially. On Saturday morning the Men’s B team played Ryde A (h) but were defeated 8 – 2 by a very strong team. The C Team went away to play Ventnor B but also lost 8 – 2. The A Team played Ventnor A (h) in the afternoon, winning comfortably 8 – 2. All results and league tables are on the Bowls IOW website if you want more info.

Finally, news has come from Shanklin BC that they had a visit from council representatives on Thursday evening who were checking on their covid organisation in and around the clubhouse. Therefore, it is important that we keep to the rules, many of which are common sense but needed still. Good luck to everyone playing this coming week.

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