Newsletter – 7 (belated)

Hi again Folks

I have been asked to correct part of yesterday’s report. It wasn’t solely the Ladies A Team who played in the Top Club game, it was a mixture of ladies from the A & B Teams.

Secondly, I have been asked to mention Sharon Hartill’s singles game against Denise Butchers in the National Champion of Champions Competition on Friday evening. It was a well-fought, enjoyable game with Sharon leading 16-5 at one point, but Denise fought back to make it 20 all and, unfortunately for Sharon, Denise put her first wood right on the jack on the next end to win the game after two and a half hours and 31 ends being played! Thanks to everyone who came down to give your support.

There are some interesting men’s county competitions happening this week. This evening, Chris & Simon New, Steve Lewis & Ray Byham, and Pat Barsdell & Les Brown are in the quarter-finals of the Pairs at Totland. 

On Wednesday evening, we are hosting the men’s triples quarter-finals at our club, where three are of our teams are involved. There should be some good games to watch. Also, it would be appreciated if someone could help Steve Lewis organise the refreshments as there are four games to cater for.

Finally, Rog Payne is playing Travis Meller and Sam Lines is playing Martin Butchers in the quarter-finals of the 4 wood singles at Shanklin on Friday evening. I imagine that they will all try to finish their game by 8pm when I have heard that there is some football game happening at Wembley at that time!

Good luck to everyone.


Newsletter – 6 (belated)

Hi All

Isn’t it great to actually play a summer game in the sunshine at last! It is certainly more comfortable to play in shirt and shorts/trousers instead of lots of tops and thick jacket.

On Tuesday, the Men’s A & B Teams were in action. The A Team played against Ryde A and won 8-2. The B Team were at home to Bembridge A but lost 4-6 in a close game (sorry, Greg but it was!) going down by 5 shots.

The Ladies’ A & B Teams also each had a game this week. On Tuesday, the A Team played their Top Club game (singles, pairs, triples & fours) at home to Totland but unfortunately lost 1-3 but well done to the triples team who won their game. On Thursday, the B Team played Sandown C at home, winning 4-2. Liz’s rink won very comfortably which led to the overall win on overall shots, but Lin’s rink lost their game despite fighting back strongly towards the end.

The Men’s E Team played against Plessey F (a) on Wednesday but went down 2-8, playing against many of their B Team who were helping out. On Saturday morning the C Team played another Plessey C team (a) and lost 0-10. However, my (secret) sources tell me that there was a momentous occasion during the game, when our President got near the jack with one of his bowls, which was celebrated by a Red Arrows fly-past seconds later! He must have some friends in high places. In the afternoon, the A Team was at home to Totland A and won easily, 10-0, and we were only one away from scoring 100 shots!

Congratulations to everyone who won their county competition games this week, and especially to Peter Furmidge and Dan Ward who played today for the Bowls IOW Team in the Balcombe Trophy game (Two Fours) against Bucks at Atherley BC in S’ton. There are some important county competitions in this coming week too.

Finally, a plea to everyone – although it is a hassle, please ensure that you do your bit in returning and cleaning all the equipment at the end of games, even if Rob is there! It is not his job to do it all and, if everyone helps, then it makes it easier.

Best wishes


Newsletter – 5 (belated) with an update

Apologies to the A Team but I omitted my match report of their game – I wrote it but then deleted it when I got the advice from our correspondent and forgot to write it again. 

Anyway, the A Team won 8 – 2. Two rinks won well but one rink went behind quite heavily early in the game but managed to pull back gradually as the ends went on and only lost by a couple of shots after 21 ends, which meant that we won comfortably on overall shots.



Newsletter – 5 (Belated)

Hi All

Apologies for the late report but I have had to rewrite it. The Sunday Times critic, Grul Plegar, spoke to me Saturday evening as he is a keen follower online, and, although he liked the basis of the match reports, he thought that I should be more honest in how they went so hope these will make him happier! Accurate match-reporting is very difficult, when you have to rely on the comments from the teams themselves. For example, one player told everyone that his C team captain had a c**p game on Saturday until he was bought a pint by him that changed his story and he was suddenly brilliant!

Firstly though, I have to let you know that there are Ladies’ games on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon of this week, so members will not be able to have roll-ups on those days, but you are welcome to watch. Also, there are some interesting men’s county competitions on some evenings. All the information is on the club noticeboard.

Performance of the Week has to be by Pat Barsdell & Les Brown in the Pairs competition on Wednesday evening. They played at Sandown against Bob Mortlock & Pat Smythe and swept into a commanding lead 9 – 0  after 3 ends, then that soon became 13 – 2. Their opponents fought back to go into the last end only one shot down but Pat & Les held their nerve to gain another two shots and the win. Congratulations also to Chris & Simon New, and to Steve Lewis & Ray Byham, who won their Pairs games the same evening. Unfortunately, our teams in the Senior Fours competition did not fare so well, with both teams losing in the quarter-finals.

The Men’s D & E Teams both had convincing wins over Plessey G and Ryde D at home on Wednesday, each winning 8 – 2. However, the C team had a disappointing result against Camp Hill A (a) the next day, losing 2 – 8 but then this must have spurred them on because they then won 10 – 0 on Saturday at home against Ryde C, with some excellent performances.  I think it must have been the quality of the tea/coffee provided which made all the difference, although a couple of the waiters had to be shouted at to improve their service! 

Also on Saturday, the Men’s B Team travelled to Shanklin to play their D team but had a very disappointing result, losing 2 – 8 to the bottom of the league, despite a promising performance by a new recruit to the team, Rog Payne.. The Ladies A Team were in action at Shanklin as well yesterday but also lost 1 – 5 to their E Team, having beaten them easily at home earlier in the season.

Best wishes


Newsletter – 4

Hi All

News from the week beginning 23 May. I am sure that you have all read every inch of the minutes of this week’s committee meeting but, just in case you have forgotten, a reminder that we have started to serve teas and coffees again during games. However, we need people to help out at times. Captains have been advised to contact teams who aren’t playing if they need help – please do what you can and offer your services.

All the Men’s League games took place on Friday and yesterday (Sat) on lovely, hot days. It was so nice to play without having to wear four or five tops during the game and, of course, many of the players in the home games had to rehydrate afterwards, using the ‘fridge refreshments’! In fact, during the afternoon game Rog Payne couldn’t find any bottles of water so just had to drink cans of Guiness.

The Men’s E team hosted Newport D on Friday afternoon but were beaten 8 – 2. However, it was pleasing to see progress being made by the new players in the team especially. On Saturday morning the Men’s B team played Ryde A (h) but were defeated 8 – 2 by a very strong team. The C Team went away to play Ventnor B but also lost 8 – 2. The A Team played Ventnor A (h) in the afternoon, winning comfortably 8 – 2. All results and league tables are on the Bowls IOW website if you want more info.

Finally, news has come from Shanklin BC that they had a visit from council representatives on Thursday evening who were checking on their covid organisation in and around the clubhouse. Therefore, it is important that we keep to the rules, many of which are common sense but needed still. Good luck to everyone playing this coming week.

Best wishes


Newsletter – 3

Hi Folks

Another very pleasing set of results this week.

On Tuesday, the Men’s C Team travelled to Newport to play against one of their closest rivals but they easily came out on top. They were well-led by their experienced vice-captain, Merv, due to Alan Mabey being injured. The Ladies A Team also had two resounding victories over Shanklin C and Sandown C this week, with outstanding performances from many of the players.

The next day was the scene of the D vs E Team clash in the Afternoon League. It was an ‘end to end game’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist it!) with the E Team coming out on top.

Then, yesterday, all the Men’s A, B & C Teams were in action on yet another disappointing day weather-wise in Cowes, although the B Team were fortunate to have a sunny afternoon at Totland. All three Teams had great results: the C Team beat Sandown B at home in an early morning game. Thanks must go to Robbie, who was down the green at 9am once again to set out all the rinks, although there were reports of a man seen in his pyjamas walking through the park! The A Team then defeated Sandown A at home in the afternoon but there is no doubt that the result of the week was the B Team who won 10 – 0 against Totland A (a). One rink, in particular, were struggling at first and were 17 – 4 down at one stage but the appearance and support of our club President, Alan Mabey, halfway through the game, spurred them on to win comfortably in the end. A number of the B Team raced back to the club to celebrate, with David (Lewis Hamilton) Dawson winning – but it was only so that he could buy the first round of course! However, they nearly had to play with 11 men as one of the players, who shall remain nameless, thought that the game was at home and was seen strolling through the park with his bowls bag until told that they were playing away. I don’t think I have ever seen him move so quickly to get back to his car but luckily he made it in time for the start!

Another busy week coming up, with men’s county competitions on every day and plenty of league games, so don’t forget to check your fixture booklet before arranging any roll-ups.

Best wishes


Newsletter – 2

Hi All

Here is the latest news from the club, w/b 3 May. Both of the men’s afternoon league teams started their season on Tuesday, with the D team securing a comfortable 8 – 2 win against a very strong Plessey F (a). Well done Pat and your team. Brian Blenkinsop’s E team were at home against Ryde E and also won 8 – 2, although they were hard-pressed in a close game throughout.

The Ladies also started the season with a home match between A & B on Friday, and the A won 6 points, but the B team put up a great fight, and lost by a small margin! Yesterday, the A team played away to Shanklin E and came away with another 6 points, well done to our ladies. The high winds at Shanklin sometimes took them off their feet, but they held their nerve. Sharon’s rink won 28-15 and Hazel’s won 20-11.

Yesterday, the Men’s A Team were at home to Bembridge A and won 6 – 4. As with the Ladies in the morning, the conditions were very difficult due to the high winds (and we can’t blame Jackie as she wasn’t there!). No two deliveries were the same, even if we put them on the same line because the wind would be gusting one minute then drop off the next. A few drinks were consumed again afterwards and it was the quickest that Graham had ever used the toilet because he didn’t want to get locked in again like last week!

Yesterday Afternoon the Men’s B Team played against Shanklin B (a) without two of their experienced players but Pat Barsdell stepped up from the C team to help out. However, they won 8 – 2, by 8 shots, in a fantastic team performance, and it was very nearly a 10 – 0 win! This now puts them above the A Team in the League, and gives them the confidence to go into the next round of games. Well done, guys, and well deserving of the celebration by some of the players at the Woodvale – I’m sure that Pie will be buying all the drinks!

There are a large number of league games this coming week, so don’t forget to look at your fixture booklet before organising a roll-up. The men’s county competitions begin tomorrow as well, with three exciting Pairs games against strong opponents on our green at 6pm. 

Finally, there are only a few places left for our club tour to Bournemouth from Fri 17 to Monday 20 September, with four games against Boscombe Cliff BC, Argyll BC, Bournemouth BC then Lymington BC on the return journey. Please contact Alan Mabey for more details.

Best wishes



Morning Everyone

Just a bit of news for you all. The league season started yesterday for the men’s A & B teams but, unfortunately, not with the results we wanted. The A team lost 8 – 2 at Plessey but it was a very close game in the end, as it all went down to the last shot, losing by just one shot. The B team also lost 8 -2 at home to Ventnor A, which was also a close game. David Harris’s experience led his new boys, Craig & David Dawson & with Graham to a wonderful 21 – 15 win on their rink. It was just typical that the heavens opened and the teams got soaked, but it wasn’t as bad as Newchurch which had a layer of snow and hail – see the photo on the County Press website!

However, two players, one from each team, bowled a ‘wrong-bias’ – their names remain a secret but one of them can be seen down the green every day! Perhaps we should follow other clubs’ example and give a fine for each one, with the money going to charity at the end of the season?

Many of the A team returned to our own green after the game to console each other by having a drink together, although Gus stated that he was going home for a hot drink as he didn’t think he could feel the ring-pull on a beer can with his hands being so cold! This almost ended in laughter too, because Graham went to the toilet and found himself locked in the clubhouse. It could have been a disaster as he was ready to drink everything left in the fridge – without paying for it! Fortunately for us he was able to phone to let us get him out, although one or two suggested that we should just leave him there.

There are more games this week: on Tuesday afternoon the men’s D & E teams are playing, then on Friday afternoon, the ladies’ A & B teams are playing each other, before the A team play the next morning against Shanklin E (a). On Saturday afternoon, the men’s A team play Bembridge A at home. Good luck to everyone.

Finally, don’t forget that, if you are going for a roll-up from now on, you have to still sign in and you are responsible for putting all the equipment out and back after sanitising it before locking everything up.

Best wishes


Booking System Down – Please Read The Below….


Please read the following guidance thoroughly, as we all want our members to be able to play bowls once again, but this must be done safely and securely to ensure the health and safety of everyone.  Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms. Use the NHS 111 website or helpline to seek advice.

Session times: (3 or 4 rinks available per session, depending on numbers)

12 – 2pm         
2.15 – 4.15pmLadies’ Teams     Men’s A Team
4.30 – 7pm Men’s D TeamMen’s B TeamMen’s E TeamMen’s C Team  


  • Please contact Brian Knowles by 6pm the day beforehand, preferably by email (or by phone/text if you do not have email) to book your choice of time. Brian will reply to confirm the booking.
  • Don’t just turn up at the green in the hope of there being a spare rink available.
  • Please only book one session each time – no block bookings will be accepted.
  • Don’t arrive at the green more than 5 minutes before your allotted time.
  • All players should sign in, so that, in case the worst happens, we can inform the relevant people.
  • Dress appropriately before you get to the club to avoid the need to change clothes. However, you must change your shoes before the game. Please do not arrive in your bowls shoes.
  • No spectators are allowed. However, carers are able to assist.


  • You can play Singles, Pairs, Triples or Fours but you are advised to keep a social distance.
  • All the rink markers/numbers will be sanitised and set out for you before and collected in at the end of all the sessions. Please do not touch or move these at all.
  • Only one player is advised to handle the mats during the session.
  • Two jacks (one for each lead) should be used throughout the game.
  • Scoreboards will not be provided for roll-ups; use your own measure for shot(s); do not touch others’ bowls with your hands – use your feet if necessary. Any ‘bowls-pushers’ used must be sanitised afterwards and returned to the correct place in the shed.


  • Wash or sanitise your hands and sanitise any equipment that you use before and after you play. Do not assume that it has been already sanitised thoroughly.
  • Please do not use the clubhouse, except in case of emergency, such as first aid, defibrillator, etc.
  • Avoid using the toilets at the club, wherever possible but, if you do need to use them, please clean anything that you have touched (antibacterial wipes are provided outside the toilet doors).
  • Bring any food or drink you might need with you – please take all litter back with you.


  • When you finish playing, ensure that you sanitise the mats and jacks used.
  • Return both jacks to the box at the side of the front shed but leave the mats on the bank.
  • Change your shoes and leave the club immediately.
  • Ensure that the club is secure as applicable and that the gate is closed properly.

You must leave the club no more than 5 minutes after the allotted finish time to avoid contact with others coming in for the next


The Events Calendar has been updated with the Men’s Team Fixtures and Times for May and June League Games. The Ladies Fixtures will follow in due course once games have been agreed.

These Fixtures will follow Covid-19 Regulations as set out by Bowls England and are changeable at any time.