Greenkeeper Request

Hi Folks

Our newly-established Green Co-Ordinator, Rob Poynter has asked me to contact everybody to see if there are any members who can help out by sweeping the green on a morning. At the moment, he has got people who will do it on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but still needs volunteers for the other three mornings.

This is necessary especially now, when there is a heavy dew each morning, which needs to be swept off to protect the green from the toxins that are brought up with it. It is not really arduous work, it just needs you to push the 6 foot wide brush around and only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

If you can help, please contact Rob. As a form of inducement, Rob is happy to buy you a pint when lockdown is over, if you are willing to help!

Best wishes


Message From Brian – Belated News

Well, the last game of the 2020 outdoor season was played on our green today, when the ladies played their final game against the men, which was rearranged from last weekend. My on the spot reporter informed me that it was an enjoyable game, which the men won in the end.

Yesterday, the ‘committee team’ led by Alan Mabey, played against the ‘greenkeeping team’ led from the side by an injured Brian Blenkinsop. Questions have been asked whether this was a political injury so that he could bring in Darren Griffith to play instead (only joking, Brian) but Brian assured me that his injury is genuine – Paul Allo actually witnessed Brian’s bad fall on Wednesday so we hope that he will get better soon. However, It was good to see Darren playing in a Cowes Medina shirt and jacket again and playing extremely well! It would have been even better if he had not been bowling against our team.

The game proved to be very exciting on all the rinks but there was some dispute as to which team had won in the end. Alan claimed that his team won as they had won on two rinks, drawn on one and lost on one. However, Brian stated that his team had won overall by two shots! This was sent off to Bowls England to their ‘disputes committee’ who met this morning to give their decision, which was that the two captains must either have a big-toe wrestling match or just call it a draw. We await what they have decided to do!

The afternoon ended with the presentation of individual trophies to our competition finalists. Then, a special presentation was made to Brian Blenkinsop. Although he will continue to play for the club, he has decided to retire from the committee as green co-ordinator, and after many years serving in many positions. Brian was presented with an engraved decanter, a bottle of whisky and a trophy, “The Brian Blenkinsop Cup”, which will be awarded each year to the most improved beginner. Thanks to everyone who made a donation for these.

Andy Butler’s team are working on the green this week to give it its Autumn service but we will also continue to work on Thursday mornings to make sure it is all kept neat and tidy. Let’s hope that next season will be better but I believe that we have made the most of what we could to give those members, who wanted to play, to be able to have a roll up and some form of competitive bowls.

Best wishes


Message From Alan

Dear Members,

It was very disappointing that we could not hold President’s Day in the traditional way, due to the restriction of numbers regulation. So, in recognition of the work some members had performed on the ground in general throughout the season, I decided to ask Brian Blenkinsop (Green Keeper), to select a team to play the committee. It was also an opportunity to thank Brian for all the hard work and dedication he has given to the
Club over many years. This season especially has been totally disrupted, but Brian has been there giving up his time six days a week ensuring that bowls could be played under strict conditions. He has now decided to retire from his position and will be sorely missed. THANK YOU, BRIAN on behalf of all the members.

A large number of the membership took up the use of the bowling facilities which enabled us to hold a Singles and a Pairs Tournament as well as Ladies v Mens matches; all being very successful. A special thank you to Greg Pullar and Steve Lewis and Hazel Hall for organising these tournaments.

Clubs do not operate efficiently without a strong committee. We are very fortunate not only to have such a committee, but possibly having the best Secretary of all the Island Clubs. Brian Knowles has worked tirelessly throughout, keeping everyone fully informed of events and communication with Bowls England. He has also been a great strength, supporting me in all club business.

Finally, a thank you to the committee for all the work you have done in these difficult times.
I can assure you all that I am always looking to take the Club forward. You, the members, are my prime concern, and we will endeavour to keep you all informed of any relevant information throughout the Winter months.

Thank you all once again for your support and patience this season, let us hope we can get back to ‘normal’ next season.

Take care and stay safe

Alan Mabey

Finals Update From The Organisers

Hi All,

So the Finals are played and this year’s competitions completed.

The weather was kind and many turned out to support the finalists.

The Final Results were as follows:-


Rog Payne & Craig W Smith   22 – 13   Rob Poynter & Pat Marshall


Sharon Hartill   21 – 7   Jacqui Morris


Steve Lewis   21 – 9   Brian Knowles

Graham and Brian Knowles have now ordered the keep sake trophies and will inform finalists how these will be distributed as soon as they arrive.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in any way in this year’s competitions in a very challenging COVID restricted season. The Club has risen above it all and enjoyed quite a varied experience of bowling activities.

Let’s hope next year will prove to be a more normal season for all!

Best wishes,

Steve Lewis, Hazel Hall, Greg Pullar

Final Results

Hi Folks

It was an exciting time down the green this afternoon, with the culmination of the three competitions taking place. In the Pairs, Rog Payne & Craig Wilson-Smith took an early lead but Rob Poynter & Pat Marshall stayed in there and fought back bravely towards the end. However, Rog & Craig eventually won to claim the winners’ trophy.

          In the Ladies’ Singles, Sharon Hartill & Jacqui Morris were in a repeat of last year’s final and, once again, Sharon proved to be too strong and won the competition for the second year in a row. In the Men’s Singles, Steve Lewis played against Brian Knowles and soon found the line and length, no matter where the jack was put, and proved to be the stronger and more consistent to win in the end.

          Thanks must go to Steve Lewis, Greg and Hazel for their excellent organisation of the competitions, to everyone who took part and played the games in the right spirit; to everyone who volunteered to mark the singles games and to those who gave up their time to umpire the games. Thanks also to everyone who came to watch and to give their support today. Finally, many thanks to Brian Blenkinsop and his team for ensuring that the green was in great condition for the bowlers.           Don’t forget that the green closes on 10 October so get your bookings in if you want to have a roll up before then. Tomorrow, at 2pm, the ladies take on the men’s B Team then on Saturday 3 October, they finish their schedule of games to play against the men’s A Team. All spectators are welcome

Finals Day Update

Another exciting game yesterday evening between the men’s C/D Team and the ladies, with one rink drawn, one rink won and one rink lost for both teams! The men eventually won by 6 shots overall. What a turnaround for the ladies after their defeat last week. There is another game at 2pm on Sunday, 27th Sept, when the men’s B Team take on the ladies.

Don’t forget that Finals Day is on Saturday 26th Sept at 2pm, when there are the finals of the men’s and ladies’ Singles and also the Open Pairs, which are:

Men’s Singles:  Steve Lewis vs Brian Knowles   Marker: Alan Mabey

Ladies’ Singles:  Sharon Hartill vs Jacqui Morris   Marker: Paul Allo

Open Pairs: Rog Payne & Craig Wilson-Smith vs Rob Poynter & Pat Marshall

Umpire:  Chris New

Once again, many thanks to Steve Lewis, Greg & Hazel for organising the competitions.



Finals day Information

Hi Folks

Results below from Steve Lewis of the Singles semi-finals and competitors for Finals Day. 

Results of Singles Semi Finals


Steve Morris 12 – 21 Brian Knowles

Steve Lewis 21 – 3 Paul Allo


Sharon Hartill 21 – 12 Pat Marshall

Sue Fisk 11 – 21 Jacqui Morris 

Finals Day Saturday September 26th, 2pm


Brian Knowles v Steve Lewis

Sharon Hartill v Jacqui Morris


Roger Payne & Craig W Smith v Rob Poynter & Pat Marshall

Don’t forget the second game between Hazel’s Heroines and Mabey’s Marauders at 4pm on Tuesday (22 Sept). The ladies are looking for revenge in this game, so watch out men!

N.B.  The green closes for work to be done as part of its Autumn repairs on 10 October, so make sure you get your bookings in for roll-ups before then.

This Weeks Competetions

Hi All

It’s been another busy week of bowls just gone and much more to come this week, so forget the start of the new football season, come down to the green to watch the exciting games taking place this week. 

These are:

Tuesday 15 Sept 4.30pm:  The ladies take on the men’s C/D team in the first of two games

Wednesday 16 Sept 2pm   Men’s Singles quarter finals (3 games). Mike Green vs Steve Lewis; Paul Allo vs Allan Ward; Rog Payne vs Brian Knowles

Thursday 17 Sept 2pm   Remaining men’s Singles Q-F, Steve Morris vs Pete Hartill

Saturday 19 September 2pm   Men’s & Ladies’ Semi-Finals. Ladies games are: Sharon Hartill vs Pat Marshall; Sue Fisk vs Jacqui Morris. Men’s will be from the winners of the quarter finals above.

The men’s Triples League has ended with the final games played on Saturday. The A Team were at Sandown against a strong team on what seemed to be an interesting green and won on two rinks to win 6 – 3 on points and to end up a close second to Shanklin A in the league. The B Team also were up against a strong Ventnor side at home and won 6 – 3 too. Well done to everyone

Weather permitting, we hope to keep our green open for as long as possible now that the indoors is not starting until January, but our green keeper, Brian Blenkinsop, will keep us informed as to the conditions.

N.B. The next monthly draw will take place on Saturday morning (19 Sept) at the committee meeting.

Best wishes


Game of The Season

Don’t forget to come along to watch the game of the season TOMORROW (Tuesday 15 September) AT 4.30PM between ‘Hazel’s Heroines’ and ‘Mabey’s Marauders’!

Both teams have been practising every day (although most of the men’s practice-time has been in the pub rather than on the green) to ensure that they are ready for the big match. There have been rumours that top coaches have been brought in from Australia by Alan for his team but he was annoyed when he found out that he could have got them much cheaper from Seaview Coach Company!

So, make sure that you get there well in time to avoid disappointment at being turned away, as a big crowd is expected and we can only have a maximum of 30 people spectating.



Single, Pairs and Saturday Updates

Hi Folks

An exciting week of bowls has gone by once again. The final games of the Open Pairs Competition took place on Tuesday, with rearranged games needing to be played on Friday to decide our semi-finalists.

The first game played this afternoon was when Rog Payne and Craig Wilson-Smith played against Steve Morris and Mark Wykes. Rog and Craig took an early lead but Steve and Mark did not give up and fought back to give a real fright to their opponents in the last few ends, but eventually Rog and Craig won it 18-14. It was amazing how well Mark played, considering that he has only just started playing outdoors in the last few weeks.

In the other semi-final, Graham Thorne and Tom Boyer took on Rob Poynter and Pat Marshall. As expected, this was a close game but fortunately there was no blood spilt between Graham and Rob, although the umpire kept a close eye on the two of them, just in case! Poor Tom and Pat had to put up with them.  Rob and Pat ended up as winners in the end 12-7 but Graham insists that it was only because Pat carried Rob through the whole game. Rob’s version of events is a little different of course! However, all was forgiven once they reached the bar at Northwood House.

The first rounds of the Men’s and Ladies’ Singles games started last week also with plenty of exciting action on the green. Let’s hope that the second rounds, which take place this coming week, will be just as good. Many thanks to Steve Lewis, Greg and Hazel once again for all their organisation of the games; to everyone who has umpired and acted as markers and to everyone who has come along and supported the players.

Finally, the Men’s A and B Teams played their penultimate games in the Triples League on Saturday. The A Team drew 4 – 4 in a very competitive game against a strong team from Plessey. The B Team were up against Shanklin A (away) and unfortunately lost but put up a brave fight.

Our final games are on Saturday, when the B Team are at home to Ventnor A, so they will appreciate any support that you can give.

Best wishes