AGM Notice

Hi Folks

Cowes Medina Bowling Club’s AGM will be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 28 September at the IOW Community Club.

A sheet has now been put on our club noticeboard (next to the club competitions information) for members to nominate people for the committee positions. Any nominee must also include the name of a proposer and seconder. Although present committee officers might want to continue, the positions are open to any member to be nominated. If there is more than one nominee for any position then a vote will be held at the AGM. Nominations must be made by 6.30pm on 21 September.

As there is no ‘Any Other Business’ at an AGM, if a member wants to have anything discussed in addition to the agenda items, then this must be sent to me, IN WRITING, by 6.30pm on 21 September. The agenda will be displayed on our noticeboard after the committee meeting on 26 August.

Any proposals for changes to our constitution must also be sent to me, in writing, with the signatures of a proposer and seconder, by 6.30pm on 21 September.

Best wishes