Day 2 Tour Update…..

Well, yesterday’s questions were answered:

(i)Graham is being called to a special meeting of the committee to answer why all five rinks lost today against Argyll BC. Perhaps it could have been because he told our opposition that we had never lost in Bournemouth – this was just what they needed to spur them on! More about this later.

(ii)Pie was one of the first in breakfast.

(iii) Jackie couldn’t find a new handbag (did Chris phone the shops to hide them all?) but she & Sue had finished a bottle of Prosecco by the time we returned from our game. They did get invited to join a stag night by the stag himself but declined the offer.

(iv) Despite trying his hardest to lose, Rob was not on the worst-losing rink. He even had the incentive to get a pint for every time he hit the jack but only got one drink, although he gave the jack to the opposition when he did hit it!

Last night was very eventful! At 10.30pm Chris & Jackie were disturbed by a very drunk man who was kicking a number of doors looking for someone. Boy-racers were revving their engines in the car park next to the hotel, and playing their sound systems as loud as they could. Loud voices and screaming was going on until 5am and, just as we got back to sleep, the birds and early morning traffic woke us up! Also, when we got to breakfast we heard that John Abrook had fallen out of bed, causing his nose to bleed on the carpet, for which he was fined, of course.  Pat Abrook swears that she didn’t push him! Pat Barsdell fell out of his bed three times and Ernie almost fell out of his. We are thinking of hiring hospital beds, where we can pull up the sides!

However, breakfast was excellent then we all went our various ways, shopping, coffee and cake (ask Jackie what she bought me) and walking around, etc, until it was time to go the next game against Argyll BC, which was a disaster, losing on all five rinks! Steve Lewis, Alan Barry, Chris New & Fred Sly lost by the least number of shots so won Graham’s prizes. Jenny Ward, John Abrook, Graham Thorne & Paul Allo lost by the most shots so were awarded Eeyore and the dreaded wooden spoons! We had to have lots of drinks to get over it. Ernie May was the first on the tour to bowl a wrong-bias!

Tomorrow morning is the Cowes Medina Open Crazy Golf Championship. Who will take over from Mark Baker’s winning streak over the past few years, as he is not with us this time? Will Ernie May be allowed to wear his Cowes Golf Club jumper? Who will do the dastardly thing of blocking up the holes for the following group? And of course, there is our game of bowls against Bournemouth BC in the afternoon.