Day 3 Tour Update…..

Hi All

Another day, another report! The evening went well with another load of fines for misdemeanours during the day. A few went to see a live band at the pub up the road, including Rog & Judith, who went back to their days 50 years ago – Rog with his long hair, headbanging against the loudspeakers! Once again, the boy-racers and their many friends decided to have another meeting until 5am, keeping many of us awake. Fortunately, all of us stayed in our beds safely this time too! 

Sixteen people took part in the Crazy Golf Championship this morning, which caused much hilarity (and cheating) during the games. Ernie wore his Cowes Golf Club jumper once more but it didn’t seem to do him any good. I’m sure that next year there will be more competition when our golfing ladies come along on tour. It was a very close thing but Alan Mabey won, although others in his group said that it was only because he had the scorecard! (See the photo attached below)

In the afternoon we played against Bournemouth BC, who welcomed us once more. Many had actually played at Cowes Medina when they came to the Island some years ago. It was a lovely setting with two greens and a golf club on one side and a rugby club on the other. Graham Thorne had presided excellently as Captain of the Day yesterday and had everyone in fits of laughter with his speeches and risqué joke and set a very high standard for Fred Sly to live up to today. Fred’s joke wasn’t as good as Graham’s but he was still an excellent Captain.

A much better result this afternoon, where we won quite easily. Rob has asked me to stress that he was on the winning rink today, where he played majestically, in trousers that he had sewn up following yesterday’s accident! The others in the rink were Pat & John Abrook, and Paul Allo as skip, who each received a tasteful medal from Fred. Unfortunately, there always has to be a losing rink, who were Rog Hendey, Cat Mason, John Nelson & Pie Green. Pie was so pleased with Eeyore as his new companion that he took him to the pub with him. We all look forward to our game at Lymington tomorrow where Alan has put his usual number threes as skips – should be interesting!

The evening was very eventful too, with our optional fancy dress taking place. Fred & Alan Barry thought that they had been ‘stitched up’ by the rest of us at first as they were the only two taking part but then the others arrived too(see photos attached). Fines were administered by Fred then there was a cabaret laid on by the hotel with some people showing their moves on the dance floor.