Touring Games

Hi All

Many thanks, once again, to everyone who has supported the club by putting your names down to play in the touring games. These games bring in much-needed income for the club, as you read in the last game.

There are two games left, both 6 rinks of Triples, for which we have too many names, which is great, so I have given everyone at least one game, and many who have got both games. 

SUNDAY 12 SEPTEMBER vs SuffolkCountyBowlingAssociation

  • 2PM START (Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start to welcome our visitors)
  • Club tops and WHITES
  • No match fee, but it is good etiquette to buy your opposite number a drink

A: CatMason, JennyWard, Roger Payne

B: Carol Wootton, Glyn Hughes, Pat Barsdell

C: Pat Abrook, Clive Ellis, Steve Morris

D: PatMarshall, Allan Ward, Ian McKernan

E: John Abrook, Jacqui Morris, Phil Smith

F: Tony Partridge, Sandra Scourfield, David Dawson

Reserves: Jude Ferris, Chris New

MONDAY 27 SEPTEMBER vs Sproughton BC 

  • 1.30PM START (Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start)
  • Club tops & GREYS
  • No match fee, but it is good etiquette to buy a drink for your opposite number

A: Tony Partridge, Marion Whitbread, Phil Smith

B: John Kidd, Netty Smallman, Bill Pike

C: Cate Kidd, Chris New, Roger Payne

D: Steve Lewis, Jenny Ward, Pat Barsdell

E: Jude Ferris, Clive Ellis, Steve Morris

F: Pat Marshall, Brian Knowles, Liz Barsdell

Please tick your names on the sheet on the noticeboard.