CMBC vs County Bowls Southampton

Twenty members went over to Southampton today (Sunday) to play against our old friends at County BC. We had a great day, with enjoyable games, then another delicious buffet meal afterwards. Thanks must be given to our drivers, Alan Mabey, John Abrook, Steve Morris, Phil Smith and Brian Knowles, who all gallantly gave up the opportunity to have a drink. Thanks, also, to Steve Morris who did a wonderful job once again as our Captain of the Day, to Chris New who dealt with all the money &, of course, all the players, who represented the club excellently.

The day did not go without a few incidents which must be mentioned: 

1.Alan Mabey managed to get lost both going to and from the ground, although he swears that he set his Satnav correctly. It is only an eight minute journey from the S’ton ferry terminal, however, his passengers began to get worried when it said that he still had 23 miles to go and they saw signs for the M3!
2.One of the worst offences seen on a bowling green was made by Mark Baker – wearing dark socks with white trousers! How will he live it down? Fashion Police will be in touch.
3.Nearly as bad was John Abrook looking great in crisp white trousers until he turned around and showed grass stains all over his bumper! Pat was so disgusted with him that she asked the other car drivers if she could travel back with them (only joking)
4.Steve Lewis and Steve Morris had to be admonished by their rinks for looking at the test cricket scores on their phones – scandalous lack of concentration!
5.Chris & Jackie New were told off by their opposition number 2 for talking while she was bowling.
6.Barry Windham became so excited at the end when we won that he threw water all over himself instead of champagne!

Player of the Afternoon was Rob Poynter (self-elected!) in the winning rink of Barry, Sandra, Rob and Phil. Only one of our rinks lost in our overall win but I can’t remember their names somehow. However, as one member of the men’s B Team always says, it was obvious that they were playing against the strongest rink and on the worst part of the green, so it was understandable!

Many thanks again to County BC for their hospitality. They will be coming over to us next June 2023 for us to host them.