Christmas Message


Good morning,

You thought you’d heard the last from me! Don’t worry, a short message and that’ll be it!

Last year, like many people, Sylvia and I decided that writing over 130 Christmas cards was getting out of hand. We therefore decided to inform distant relatives and friends that instead of sending Christmas cards, we, like many others, would be donating to various charities instead.

As a club we have raised money to buy our own defibrillator; thankfully it has not been needed, but it is there if required. This was an expensive exercise and every 2 years we need to buy a new battery, which costs in excess of £200.

Last year we set up a defibrillator fund, so any members who wanted to donate instead of sending cards were welcome. Several people donated and this year I have continued, and only last night a member made a donation. At present we now have £124 in this account.

So if you do not receive a Christmas card from me, I do wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am not SCROOGE honestly!! I LOVE Christmas and everything that comes with it. So many people are starting to do this, and to be honest, with the postal strike, your Christmas card wouldn’t arrive until February anyway! This is NOT a request for you to donate. I just wanted to inform new members that this was something set up last year, and the opportunity to do so is there. There are so many needy charities that we all donate to already.

If any member would like to donate, please let Chris New know so he can record this.

I hope I have not offended anyone with this message. If so, I am sorry.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care and stay safe.