Eastbourne Day 2

So, another lovely day of weather beckoned, although a little chilly from the sea breeze. Following a great cooked breakfast, 22 people went off to play crazy golf at Treasure Island. We also dropped off Graham who rescued his ‘man bag’ from the clutches of Parade BC, where he had left it yesterday. The golf was exciting and 5 players achieved a hole-in-one – Sue, Ernie (spurred on by his golf jumper), Cate, Sally & Alan Barry. It ended in controversial citprcumstances though, with two people tying for the lead, just one over par for the 18 hole course, but then Netty (golfer) was declared the winner after a count back over the last 9 holes! A protest has gone in to the golfing association as no proof was given that this rule ever exists.

Our game in the afternoon was against Royal Sovereign BC, with yours truly as Captain of the Day. It was a lovely, sociable afternoon, played on a green much improved by work done on it by Andy Butler over the last couple of years, which we won 130 – 90. The winning rink was Graham (who bowled against a 91 year old lady), Ernie, Jenny & Paul, although Ernie had to go off injured in the last few ends. Thanks to Fred Sly who filled in for him. 

It was a close thing for losing rink, although, at one time, we thought that Rog Payne’s rink was going to have Eeyore for the whole game, but a magnificent fight-back brought them back to one shot behind at the end. That left Phil Smith’s rink battling it out with Pat Barsdell’s rink for the honours of losing rink.  A superb ‘shot of the week’ from David Dawson meant that Steve L, Sally, Pie & Pat Barsdell claimed Eeyore and the spoons. 

Meanwhile, Jackie & Sue went off in search of the shops in the afternoon but came back empty-handed so just had to polish a bottle of Prosecco to console themselves, with Chris Lloyd’s help. Also, in the name of research, Mike & Pam Scott went to the two Wetherspoons in town as well as shopping.

The day ended with a good meal then the fines meeting delivered by Fred, who was delighted to hand out more fines for the day, compared to yesterday. Off to Bexhill for our final game tomorrow.