Eastbourne Day 4

Apologies for the delay in sending out this report.

Day 4 was different to our previous tours, as there was no game to play on the way back home for obvious reasons. It was a shame because we had arranged to play against Arundel BC, which is in a beautiful setting. However, both clubs felt it was inappropriate to play a game on the day of the state funeral.

The hotel was very good to us though. We didn’t have to be out of our rooms until 10am and our driver, Keith, brought the coach round so that we could load everything up before the funeral began. Chairs had been arranged so that we could watch the funeral on TV and they laid on tea/coffee and biscuits at 10.30, then sandwiches at 1pm. Most people did watch the whole funeral, although a few popped in and out from time to time, and others went for a walk.

We left the hotel at 2pm as Keith had planned a route over Beachy Head and along the coast where he pointed out some fascinating places and facts about them, before we got an early ferry back. Keith was a real asset to the tour, with his little anecdotes and tales, so we have told him to book in 15 – 18 September 2023 for our tour to Weymouth. 

Despite a few hiccups, I feel that this was an excellent, sociable tour, with everyone giving their all to make it a success with lots of laughter and mickey-taking. We have also learned a lot; please see the two photos which I have attached, which show the different new techniques used by certain people as a warm-up for games! And then there were the verbal slip-ups, eg. Carol: “I will do something on the tour to make Rob smile!” (What a pity that he couldn’t go on the tour) then there was, ‘We were all virgins until the first night!” I don’t know what goes on at the golf club but I might join now.

Hope you enjoyed my reports.