Bournemouth 2023 Tour – Day 2

Well, a cloudy start to Saturday, but still warm. A fantastic breakfast to start things off. A few tales of last Evening & this Morning have come out. Dru Dennis reported that she couldn’t close her door when she went up to her room, so some men had to come to repair it – I don’t know why they had to stay there all night though & didn’t turn up for work this morning! I think Graham was suffering a bit after going to the pub last night, as he kindly offered to make a cup of tea for Merv – in his first attempt, he poured coffee into the cup with the tea bag in, the second one he put a mint tea bag in the cup by mistake but finally got it right with the third one! Also, Steve Lewis had to phone Alan Mabey at breakfast to make sure he was ok and he turned up dishevelled later on. Alan Barry regaled everyone with the story of his ‘bijou’ room & guest bluebottle, which took up half the space.

We had to leave at 11am to reach Weymouth in time for the game at 1pm as it took almost 1h30, due to heavy traffic in Bournemouth and also very high traffic, etc, in Weymouth itself, due to the ‘Iron-man Competition’ starting there tomorrow. Our coach journey was helped by more jokes from our driver, Andrew, with his best one so far – ask anyone who was on the coach to tell you the ‘police’ joke! We were very lucky in one way not to be stopping in Weymouth as it was manic! Merv went off to meet his son & granddaughter and informed us that he had a Big Willy’s lunch – it was the name of the restaurant!

Alan Mabey was Captain of the Day for our game against Greenhills BC. He had a lot to live up to after the slick professionalism of Steve Morris yesterday as captain, and I think that pressure told on him because he didn’t have a good afternoon. He shouted for help to get the sticky labels off their backing because he didn’t know how to; he shouted for help because he (and the opposition Capt) was sure that one of the scorecards was missing, but in fact it was under one of the others; he failed to give out all the scorecard pens; he insulted our hosts (only joking) by questioning where the trophies were that we gave them on our previous two visits; then, to cap it all, his rink lost by the most so they had Eeyore and the wooden spoons!

The one thing in Alan’s defence though was that we won 108 – 24, the first time that we have beaten Greenhills in our four games against them, so he can claim responsibility for that positive result. Top rink belonged to Paul Allo, Chris New, Netty Smallman & Sandra Scourfield. Chris said that he was very entertained by Netty & Sandra throughout the game! We won by the exact same amount as yesterday (24 shots), with Pat Abrook winning the £10 sweepstake!

It was our Fancy Dress Night this evening, with ‘Hippies’ as the theme. It was a great evening with lots of laughs (until Fred’s fines-book came out). Lovely meals once again.
Weather doesn’t look too good for tomorrow but will have to wait to see what happens. More news on Sunday.