Bournemouth 2023 Tour – Day 4

We are all back home now after our fourth day on tour. The good news in the tea-making saga at breakfast is that Graham successfully got it right this time, though Merv left the teabag in too long and it was fairly strong!

It was really convenient that we didn’t have to leave early so we could have a leisurely breakfast and take our bags down for the coach at 10.30am before leaving for our final game against Lymington BC. We had an earlier start than expected which meant that we could get an earlier ferry from Lymington afterwards, but it didn’t stop us helping their bar profits go up! Andrew, our driver, helped us start the day well once again with a few of his jokes to liven our spirits.

Thanks to Ray who stepped in at the last moment to replace Mel as skip for his rink, because he was unwell and couldn’t play. I was worried when I heard that a lot of people danced until late last night – how dare they enjoy themselves, not the professional approach expected from the team! It was a close game with Allan Ward running (maybe just ambling a bit quicker) to move Eeyore from one rink to another! In the end we lost by 11 shots overall and the losing rink was Jenny, Rog, Pam & Sandra who loved having the spoons and Eeyore until we got off the coach back at Cowes. In fact, I think Sandra demanded that she should look after Eeyore (see the attached photo Sandra took of him on the ferry). Our hosts were very hospitable and laid on a smashing buffet after the game, with plenty of food for everyone.

Well, another tour is over and plans are nearly in place for next year already. It was a great four days, made so by all the people who went. There are too many individuals to mention who helped but it made my job easier. Many thanks to everyone for their generosity for my presents afterwards and for taking the fines in the right spirit. We raised £300 over the time away which will be donated to Cowes Foodbank.